Journey for the stay. Stay for the journey.

A restaurant from the team at Carbon Arc & Davis Theater.


noun., a temporary stay
verb., to stay somewhere temporarily

The interior of Sojourn restaurant, filled with cozy lamps, seating, and mirrors

Sojourn to unwind

At Sojourn, we know temporary stays fill our days. That’s why Sojourn takes you a step away from the everyday so that you can stop for your next journey. We believe in the power of a temporary stay as the way to unwind, explore, retreat, and appreciate.

Every journey is made up of steps and stops along the way. It doesn’t matter how you get where you go. It doesn’t matter when you get there. Only a tranquil trip lets you wind your way to stay and unwind.

Sojourn makes those steps and stops into a new way to stay.

Sojourn to explore

At Sojourn, journeys inspire everything we explore. 

Some sojourns feel like far-flung voyages with many jet-lagged stops. Others feel like whirlwind one-stop overnighters. 

But what does a sojourn taste like?
For us, sojourns nourish our souls and feed our spirits so that we can share the tastes of our sojourns with you. Our menu combines your sojourns with ours, from your familiar favorites to what we loved from ours. Our menu invites comfort with just enough playfulness. We want your stay with us to inspire you to keep exploring, one bite, one sip, and one memory at a time.

A mouth watering overhead shot of Sojourn's korean fried chicken, smash burger, french dip, and mac & cheese
Two photos: a bartender carefully preparing Ian’s Liquid Taco cocktail and a restaurant wall filled with pieces of art

Sojourn to retreat

The City of Chicago is made for lifelong sojourners. Friends and family, travelers and residents, and local and global visitors alike can map their sojourns in an urban landscape with something for everyone. 

When it comes to Lincoln Square, your stay flows with modern ease and echoes with historical significance. Lincoln Square lets you sojourn off the grid so you can eventually get back on. From our annual anticipation of Maifest to our everyday glimpses of Gidding Plaza, a sojourn in Lincoln Square is a spacious retreat where you get to lose track of time. Pack your compass, not your clock.

Sojourn to appreciate

All of our temporary stays along the way led us to create Sojourn for you.

This stay on our journey was inspired by our beloved The Davis Theater. Movies themselves are sojourns, temporary stays in worlds that fascinate, inspire, and connect us to each other through sights and sounds.

Lincoln Square from above, showing the Davis Theater and Chicago skyline
Two friends laughing over drinks

Dining experiences are also sojourns. Menus move us through tastes and aromas, making memories that we take with us into our next stay. 

Our Sojourn team designed this space as a way to stay both dynamic and grounded. With Sojourn, we arc into what’s ahead and appreciate our past stays as moments that endure.

Let’s Sojourn to be put back together.

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